Why should you hire an investigator to catch a cheating spouse.

With dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Happn, and Coffee meets bagel its no surprise that cheating is now more convenient and tempting than ever. With a slew of new methods to make it easy to build fast connections Infidelity is more common than ever in human history. Cheating is one of the leading factors in divorce and its one of the most damaging and stressful things that can happen in a relationship. If you are nearly certain that your significant other is cheating on you is it still important to hire an investigator? In this article, we will talk about our opinions and answer some frequently asked questions about private investigation services.

Should You Hire an Investigator?

Do you believe you have been deceived and while you are trying to get the truth, there is no change they are going to come clean? We find that most cheaters don’t unless they are caught red handed. Signs of infidelity vary depending on the cleverness of the person who you are trying to catch. The most common methods of evading detection are

  • Swiping dating apps under a false name.
    Usually someone who has a partner will use a nick name or a pseudonym to meet men or women. They often do this while traveling to family events including Christmas, Thanksgiving, or business outings. This can be very hard to deal with if this person is traveling to a heavily populated city or town where finding them with a cat-fish profile isn’t really feasible.
  • Swiping with a group picture of a single friend
    One very common thing we see from paranoid cheaters is that they will swipe with a photo of them and a single friend who is in on it so that they have plausible deniability. To catch these people, a simple catfish usually does the trick.
  • Claiming to be going to a friends house but going to a bar to meet the opposite sex
    Pickup artists know that people generally go out on the town without their partners for new mating opportunities whether or not they are aware of the purpose of their own behavior.  If you know where your partner is going, you could easily have a third party friend check up on them without hiring an expensive private investigator.

Legal Ramifications of Infidelity

Many jurisdictions don’t fault a partner for cheating in a divorce case because all of the facts will never be present. Who is cheating and when or why isn’t the concern of a judge. That’s why its so important to get prenuptial agreements and determine the character of your partner before signing a legal document which could leave you financially destitute for the rest of your life while someone else lives in a house you payed for. If you live somewhere with alienation of affection laws, or you can prove your partner spent your money on an affair you may be able to get out of the standard financial hardships of a divorce but as the saying goes as ounce of prevention is worth two pounds of cure.

Who admits to cheating?

Our strong personal believe is that because our society has a skewed work force where one partner typical raises children and relies on the other for resources, that partner has to be careful. Unfortunately women are the typically the responsible parent and men are statistically more violent. The graph below is a report on which gender outlines to result of a study which reports which gender admits to cheating more often. We personally believe that it takes a pot to boil water.

  • Cheating causes agony, self-doubt, and puts both partners sexual and overall health at risk. There are so many diseases out there and its important to note that antibiotics are becoming less effective every day because so many people are using them incorrectly and spreading resistant strains of highly infectious agents.
  • Some people hire private investigators to preserve their reputation. Nobody wants their friends, families, or even strangers laughing behind their back because they love someone who loves a lot of other someones.

According to object truth of science, men are either much more likely to admit to cheating, or they are more likely to cheat and women are just more honest. We believe it takes a pot to boil water.

What kind of private investigator should I hire?

While there are different statistics being thrown around, most of us agree that the MO for 80% and 90% of cheaters these days is to use a dating app to find potential mates. Our first report was on an 18 year old girl who had accumulated over a dozen different unprotected sex partners on Tinder while her boyfriend was at work or hanging out with friends. We strong suggest starting with a digital investigation service like global max searches digital cheater investigation package. Our staff consisting of private investigated and software engineers will work tirelessly to find the truth.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

A real person from our team will send you an email with detailed findings including pictures and conversation dialog between our catfish team and your partner. We will ask them what their intentions are and try our best to confirm their identity. We are not any way responsible for what you do with this information.