Tinder Search: Verified Ways to Find Someone’s Tinder Profile 2019 – The Definitive Guide

Tinder Search Methods – Find Someone’s Profile out of Tinder Matching list

Tinder is still the most popular dating app with tens of millions of users, so naturally it is difficult for anyone to encounter a person who is familiar to you while swiping right or left. For this reason, we offer to Tinder users some of the search methods which allow you to search for a specific person out of your matching list, bet you want that, yes, we want that too! If you searched for your significant other profiles and did not find her/him because of a lot of misleading methods follow us, we are going to lead you on the right path.


If you are asking is there any possibility to search for people on tinder, for instance, to find out if your girlfriend/ boyfriend or any particular person has a tinder profile, the answer is Yes! With Tinder Search, you are one step closer to the people you are interested in. There are two forms on how to search someone on tinder, Tinder Search method and Facebook Graph search method which give you the possibility to search tinder users that are already in and out of your matching list. To see how these methods work, continue reading!


There are plenty of methods that we are going to expose on this article, but first, we are going to discuss what is called Tinder Matching Search method which can effectively help you search for Tinder users.

This is the easiest method that you are going to be exposed to since you will search for users from your matching list. Although it can be considered as a limited search method since you can’t search for a new user’s profile among the users that you already have, this Tinder Search method simplifies the procedure to search for Tinder profiles among your matches. FYI, if you just want to have an automated system perform the following search procedure and more then head on over to https://albion-services.com. They provide several very cheap options or finding someone’s Tinder account without getting your hands dirty.

Search someone on Tinder


To search Tinder profiles of users that you have already matched with, follow the steps below.

      • On your timeline click the message icon
      • Then hold on the screen until a search banner shows up
      • On the search banner, type the username of the person you are looking for.

This is the best way to search for people on Tinder, by using tinder search by name you will automatically activate search Tinder database, which will make it possible to search people that are on your matching list so they can swipe and have a conversation in between and see if they are good a match.


Well, I can be sure that most of the people are reading this because they want to search on Tinder for unmatched people since this is what matters the most. Having the possibility to search for profiles that are already on your matching list in Tinder is not enough since we all want to always look out of the box and catch up with new people. In this case, users will be more pleased if they could be in touch with other people too.

So, we worked really hard on presenting you with the Facebook Graph Tinder Search method. Facebook Graph is a search engine that allows users to have access to Facebooks’ data. It displays the information that is needed and reachable for you. In our case, this method will be distinguishable which of your Facebook friends are on Tinder.

Most of the people who join Tinder, in their bio they write another social network which they are using for the moment, therefore it makes even easier to do a tinder search account. Depending on what other social network users are using, you can even do a Facebook search method as well, and be able to know if that particular person has a Tinder profile. Below you have the steps that you have to perform for the application of the Facebook Graph Search method.

      • Open the Facebook profile of the person you are searching for
      • Go to https://findmyfbid.com
      • When the page is opened, you put the user’s URL
      • Now click “find numeric ID”

After you click find the numeric ID you will be led to a new page with the numeric number appearance. You have to take that number and write it into the link below where it is written “Numeric ID” and search if they have a tinder profile.


How to find someone on Tinder?

If you are struggling to find a particular person on Tinder, let me tell you that Tinder does not have a search feature that would allow you to search for someone within the app.

Maybe you are tired of trying and you have probably even given up searching for him/her because of so many other pages that are misleading you, but you should not lose hope since we took care of that. The proper manner is to search with their username.

Now, it is known that finding people on TINDER without knowing the username of the person you are searching for takes. But if you know the username you are not going to waste your time since Tinder allows you to search via URL. Finding someone’s profile on Tinder by using a username has never been easier. What are you waiting for? Proceed further!

This form of Tinder profile search can be done in every device, from your smartphones to your PC.

Now if you are wondering, what to do if I can not figure out his/her username? Well, in this case, you can search on other social networks for instance on Instagram because usually their account is linked with Tinder.

How do you filter Tinder searches?

Searching is the part where you discover other people’s profiles on Tinder. If you want to modify who you see and swipe on Tinder you can modify your Discovery Settings which offers you filters based on age, gender, location, and distance. By setting your preferences on Discovery Settings, Tinder will be able to analyze the type of person you are looking for on the Tinder search profile so you can have higher chances to match with a person that suits your taste.

Search someone on Tinder

Take a look of this procedure to set your Tinder search profile preferences:

      • Click Settings on your main screen
      • Move through Discovery Preferences
      • Toggle Discovery on
      • Set the Distance which one is appropriate for you
      • Set the Age and Gender range and click DONE.

By applying this procedure, Tinder algorithm will be able to analyze your list of preferences and it will show you Tinder profiles with the features you acquired. Now get back to your matches!