How to find someones bumble profile

Side note:  Is anyone else completely obsessed with Schitt’s Creek?  If you haven’t binged the show yet, don’t worry, the weekend is coming.  Prepare to order delivery, hang out on the couch, and get to know the Schitt/Levy family.  SO GOOD!

Okay but wait – today we’re back with another tutorial!  I’ve taught you how to Find Someone On Tinder and how to Find Someone on OkCupid so it’s definitely time to talk about the fastest growing dating app on the market: BUMBLE!   Forbes Magazine called Bumble “America’s fastest-growing dating app” last year as it had half the users of Tinder, its main competitor, but it boasted 70% year-over-year growth compared to Tinder’s growth of about 10%. What does that mean?  It means the company is a beast.

I personally strictly only used Bumble when it first got popular in Boston to get away from the onslaught of gross messages I got on multiple other sites.  Bumble makes it so women are the ones who have to make the first move so I don’t have to open an app to see super gross messages or have conversations like these:


That message isn’t mine – it’s from Tinder Nightmares if you want to see how scroll through the awful messages and see exactly how bad it is out there.

So back to Bumble.  Like most other dating sites, you sign up for an account and then start off with filters. Though Bumble will want to know things about *you*,  for this exercise it’s more about you looking for someone else.  So your profile doesn’t really matter.  And remember, no dating sites actually vet or verify who is on their site so feel free to be anyone you want.  #facepalm

You can upload a picture that doesn’t have you in it, keep your profile blank and then set your filters to try to find who you’re looking for.  We’re at the point now where so many profiles look like that these days anyway even if someone is on there to actually find a real date.  Sigh.  So set your settings to look for someone within the 4 year age span and also at a minimum of 1 mile away from you.  Hopefully you know where the person is and how old they are or else you might be completely out of luck.

From here?  SWIPE AWAY!  Bumble has a LOT of users so this is going to take some time.  Swipe left until you find them and when you do, swipe right to connect!  Yay!  You found them!

So that’s about it – that’s the only free way to find someone on Bumble.

If you’re looking for someone’s FacebookInstagramTwitter, Amazon Wishlist, Pinterest, (etc.) accounts, you should leave it to us professionals.  We’ll track down someones entire electronic footprint and give you a detailed report including red flags for $5 per dating site.  For the price of the first round of drinks?  I’d say that’s worth some peace of mind.