how to find someone on tinder

Today we are going to go over a short tutorial on how to find someone on Tinder. Using this information you can find almost anyone on Tinder, and with a little bit of elbow grease after the fact you can actually find out if they are actively using the app. Sometimes Tinder will show inactive profiles once you have swiped through enough people. If you use this information to find someone on Tinder I recommend you try to match with them to verify their account is still active on Tinder. Another thing you can do is do the following steps inside of a web-browser so that you can save the link to an individual Tinder profile and then you can monitor whether or not the images and Bio are updated. This would also prove the individual is still using Tinder.

  1. Create a fresh tinder account where you have not already swiped on the person you are looking for. Be sure to select the correct gender. Set your age to be 5 years up or down from their age.
  2. Edit your account preferences to include their age range.
  3. Set your location to match their location. You absolutely need Tinder premium to use this feature. Tinder has figured out how to block GPS spoofer applications.
  4. Edit your Tinder account settings to include a search radius that encircles your target.
  5. Get ready, make a cup of tea and relax. This is a time consuming process if your target swipes in a metropolitan area.
  6. Swipe left forever and don’t stop. This can seem daunting in places like Los Angeles where you have literally tens of thousands of people in a 2 mile radius using the app. Be patient, and don’t swipe right unless you have subscribed because tinder gives you unlimited left swipes by not right swipes.
  7. Don’t stop, keep swiping keep going. Never quit.
  8. Look at a bunch of people who look just like the one you are looking for, realize you are wrong and keep going.
  9. Give up for a little while, get some more tea.
  10. Come back refreshed, and keep swiping.
  11. Aha! (pronounced Ah-Ha) You have finally found them. Great job!!!

The process can be very time intensive. Additionally sometimes people turn of their “card”, which means to basically go radio silent on Tinder. If you do this you are turning off discovery and nobody will be able to see you. However, you will still be able to talk to existing matches. We recommend using these steps during the most active times which appear to be right before the weekend, so Thursday mornings, Friday around lunch time, and sometimes on Saturday. Once you find a Tinder account depending on the reason why, you should probably be careful what you do with this information and please don’t be rash if you find someone on Tinder who you are looking for. We provide on this very website a simple service where we actually use automation technology with optical character recognition to find someone on Tinder for you. All of our results are then verified by real people. Because we are a team of software engineers we provide a superior service to websites like Aste, who don’t have the same technical abilities as us. There are quite a few competitor sites that knock off our service and even copy our articles by stealing our images and replacing our text with cringy disinformation. This service for tinder costs $6 on this website.