How can I find a specific person on Grindr?

Unfortunately Grindr does not have a name search function. You can still find someone on Grindr if you know what they look like as long as you are willing to go through everyone user profile in a specific location. To do this you will need to purchase Grindr’s premium service.

Here are some simple steps to find a specific person on Grindr

  1. Start with a fresh account where you have not been blocked.
  2. Click on the little “Rocket Ship” icon at the top of the home screen and type in a location that is in close proximity to your friends location.
  3. Go through all the profiles that come up. If they don’t show up that’s OK. You will find them eventually with enough determination.

Grindr does provide a paid version which allows you to see more than 600 people. If you want to find someone specific on Bumble, I recommend this website which will find them for you.