Can you look people up on Tinder?

The best answer to the question “Can you look people up on Tinder”, is of course yes. People find their spouses or potential partners on Tinder all the time. If you just googled this question it is very likely that you are trying to find someone specific on Tinder reliably and without paying a lot of money. The problem with third party Tinder search tools is that many of them are bots for hire based in overseas data centers and the customer support is non-existent. Swipe buster had several major publications write articles about how they can’t find anyone on Tinder reliably.

So what is a Tinder user to do? You can find someone on Tinder by searching for that person on Tinder yourself, or you can hire us to find someone on Tinder for you. We only use real human operators to perform our searches which is really the most reliable way to find someone using for example a fake name. If you don’t have $4 to spare this is how you can find anyone on Tinder for free.

Step 1.) Purchase tinder premium. You will need to upgrade your Tinder account in order to unlock Tinder’s feature that allows you to change your swiping location without physically moving to that location. Unfortunately you can not find someone on Tinder using any sort of manual geo location technology any more.

Step 2.) Set your location to where you think they are and swipe.

Step 3.) Keep swiping. Swipe until the cows come home, and if they don’t you will have to swipe some more.

Step 4.) Who knows.

Our trained professionals have years of software engineering and automation experience that go hand-in-hand with manual search methodologies allowing them to scour a much bigger radius for your target. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us an email at